Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Daddy is Chasing a Beaver

This summer we have been reworking our back yard. In summary it has involved a tractor, new sod, concrete removal (and burial in some cases like the old concrete septic tank buried in the back), trees and growing grass from seed in a few large spots. This story is really about the grass growing from seed. We splurged on sod for areas in our yard that did not have any grass before the 'Project'. In order to save a few bucks, however, we decided to let the grass grow back where it had previously been. When that didn't happen fast enough, we bought seed, fertilizer and enough water to fill a small lake. Matt has been heard saying that this will make a great story about faith and things 'unseen' IF the grass ever grows again.
The grass has indeed started to grow back. But yesterday we had an intruder. Matt got home from work and was headed into our room to change. When he looked out the door to the yard in our room he saw the unthinkable: a gofer! A very large, fat, happy gofer. So shirt pulled out he went chasing after the gofer with a push broom. I suddenly had images of a night two years ago where Matt when crazy and chased and killed a mouse with a broom in the middle of the kitchen floor. Only this time the kids were watching and the animal was much bigger.
In the end Matt just chased it around the yard for a while and then it ran into our neighbor's yard. A few minutes later the doorbell rang. At this point I had just opened up raw chicken so I asked Matt to grab the door. It was the Comcast guy (who is LDS, single and about 19 by the way) coming to talk with us about our phones. So here is my husband in the early stages of undress opening the door and my 3 yr old blurts out, "Daddy has been chasing a BEAVER!!" Very Nice.