Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thank you John for the pictures!

This past weekend we had John (one of Matt's BYU Roommates) and Stephanie up from the Tri cities. John is a fantastic photographer and was kind enough to snap a few pictures of the kids for us during the weekend. I can't choose a favorite so I am going with the shotgun approach!

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More pictures from the weekend

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Super fun weekend with the Goodys up in Sandpoint. We hit the 4th of July parade, the fireworks, and lots of fun times on and in the water.




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Papa's birthday

We celebrated Papa's almost 60th birthday with a pug 'ugly' cake. It is a good thing that I was able to start with a subject that looked like the cake! (thanks to the memory of Winston!)

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Emily's visit

In June Matt's sister Emily made the journey to Spokane. We had a great time with her and her kids. What could be better than seven kids under the age of nine in a boat?

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Kansas City

We had a great time with the Larsens in Kansas City. Our kids still want to go back and 'play toys' with the extensive Larsen collection.




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The long Spring

Spring took a long time this year in Spokane. But we had a great time at least enjoying not having any snow.




Jake had his first ride on the airplanes at Riverfront Park. He loved it until his sister decided it was time to 'fly'. Notice there are no pictures of the plane in the air!
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Gabby had a very special Mother's Day suprise for me at preschool. The kids made lunch and served it to all the moms. It was really a fun day.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Our little dancer

The much anticipated Ballet recital is almost here! We had picture day this past weekend which marked the first time Gabby has been allowed to remove her costume from the bag. It will truly be a miracle if it makes it to the recital.
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Easter Continued

And finally, this is as good as it gets! Not huge smiles on the kids, but no scary faces. What more can you ask for in a family photo?
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Easter Photo Moment

So with the craziness of life we realize that we really haven't taken pictures for months. So Easter morning we decide this is the moment! Perhaps we should have had the easter candy first....
Working on smiles...can't you just hear the "CHEEEEEEEEEEESE"

Dad made it in this one, limp and all! Still working the kinks out of the smile for Gabs.

Warning: Runaway children!

Seriously, leave your nose alone!
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Annual Trip to Monterey

I do have to say this most possibly our most unphotogenic trip ever...Note the pictures below. And these are some of the better ones. I post them only as evidence that I still exist. I am regulary haunted by what a brat I could be about taking pictures. I am sure that my parents will look at the last photo and laugh for a very long time. Enjoy!

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Monterey Aquarium

Our Spring trip to Monterey was great! We had such in incredible time with Emily (as always!). We LOVED the aquarium. We got to be front row for live feedings with both the penguins and the large tank (sharks, rays, tuna, etc). The kids favorite area was the 'splash zone'. Animals are overrated.
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