Friday, April 24, 2009

Our little dancer

The much anticipated Ballet recital is almost here! We had picture day this past weekend which marked the first time Gabby has been allowed to remove her costume from the bag. It will truly be a miracle if it makes it to the recital.
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Easter Continued

And finally, this is as good as it gets! Not huge smiles on the kids, but no scary faces. What more can you ask for in a family photo?
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Easter Photo Moment

So with the craziness of life we realize that we really haven't taken pictures for months. So Easter morning we decide this is the moment! Perhaps we should have had the easter candy first....
Working on smiles...can't you just hear the "CHEEEEEEEEEEESE"

Dad made it in this one, limp and all! Still working the kinks out of the smile for Gabs.

Warning: Runaway children!

Seriously, leave your nose alone!
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Annual Trip to Monterey

I do have to say this most possibly our most unphotogenic trip ever...Note the pictures below. And these are some of the better ones. I post them only as evidence that I still exist. I am regulary haunted by what a brat I could be about taking pictures. I am sure that my parents will look at the last photo and laugh for a very long time. Enjoy!

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Monterey Aquarium

Our Spring trip to Monterey was great! We had such in incredible time with Emily (as always!). We LOVED the aquarium. We got to be front row for live feedings with both the penguins and the large tank (sharks, rays, tuna, etc). The kids favorite area was the 'splash zone'. Animals are overrated.
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Happy Birthday Jake & Matt

Two of my favorite guys share a birthday! For the big TWO and 30+ we had a 'bug' cake. Chocolate cake and frosting, served from a bucket with plenty of suprises on top of and inside the cake!!


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Happy Birthday Mimi

Mimi had a special birthday this year (happy 60th Mom!). The are festivities throughout the year, but from Gabby and Jake we had a birthday dinner with a pink (of course) butterfly cake.
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Winter WONDERland (wondering if it will ever end!)


Winter in SPokane this year brought more snow than anyone can remember. In fact, it broke every record on the books (most snow in total, most snow in shortest amount of time, etc). This picture is from the beginning, when the snow was still fun!

We spen Christmas in Denver with the Sheffields. One of the highlights was certainly the now anuual ugly sweater contest. I was so proud to win this year, but I will refrain from posting a solo shot. Let's just say you need a full length photo to appreciate my find.
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Out little rocker

Jake is stunninly adept at the use of i phones, headphone, i pods and too many other electronic gadgets. Hmmmmmm what does he see everyday??? Soon enough he will be posing on face book.
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